Sharing: The point of neurotypical “small talk”

A genius post by VisualVox; so many excellent and original thoughts in one post. One word: mind-blown! 🙂

Autistic Ultra

speech bubbles filled with "blah-blah-blah" This is what it seems like to me, most of the time

I think I’ve figured out what the deal with neurotypical “small talk” is all about. See Mom and Dad? My cultural anthropology training has come in handy!

In my 4+ decades of actively studying neurotypical / allistic folks, I’ve long puzzled about why people engage in small talk. Who cares about soap operas (on television and in real life)? What difference does it make, if your windshield has pollen all over it? Niceties about this-n-that around the coffee maker… how aggravating! How time-consuming, without any perceivable benefit for me. And sitting through extended accounts of weekend activities just drains my energy – energy I could be using to do something productive. Of course, I smile through it all and do a fantastic job of feigning interest, but it’s not my first choice.

At all.

And yet, despite its very clear…

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