‘Asperger Syndrome’ poem from ‘The Autistic Buddha’

This post is long overdue, and for that, I deeply apologize.  I received a lovely piece of poetic writing from a Twitter “spectrum tribe member” (I hope he won’t mind my calling him that) and I’m honored to post it.  This piece is so incredible that it stands on its own, without further introduction.

Air pressure-heavy,
Sky foreboding grey.
Peace seems elusive,
Ever hopeful it might stay.
Read between lines,
Grasping at implicit rules,
Ever trying to play this incessant game of fickle fools.
Ready to escape the noise,
Silence is the path I walk,
Yet others seem to love and pray for that numbing drone of talk.
None let us feast,
Deny us crumbs from their platter,
Roam around this wilderness,
Oblivious as to whom we’re meant to flatter.
My world is not your world – don’t forget that,
Even we deserve a space, so you’d better respect that.

This poem was written by Tom Clements, from the UK.  Some of you may know him as “The Autistic Buddha” on Twitter.  His account can be found here: @tclementsuk.  I highly recommend following him; his tweets are insightful and uplifting. 🙂


Please feel free to add your thoughts! I do my best to respond to each comment (even if it takes me a bit sometimes) :)

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