One Aspie’s Christmas wish-list…

Dear Santa,

I’m an Aspie; that is to say that I “have” Asperger’s, a condition on the autism spectrum.  So I might seem a little strange to you, because although I’m guilty of having my own list of wants for Christmas, mine might seem a little unusual.  Some of this stuff is for me, and some of it is for the world.  But even the stuff for me, I want for other people too–not just me.  Please don’t think I’m weird. 🙂

Please dampen my sensory perception, just a little.

Please ease my grief.

Please help me sleep.

Please erase the hatred and division in the world.

Please erase all animal cruelty.

Please move all my friends close together with me so that we can hang out.

Please help the neurotypical world truly understand us.

Please take away my painful memories.

Please ease all suffering.

Please erase all ignorance and judgment and assumptions.

Please expand neurodiversity acceptance.

Please turn down the volume and the lights.

Please help us heal.

Please help me hear music “correctly” again; I hear certain notes scratchy and/or distorted, and they’re often the wrong pitch altogether.

Please protect everyone, especially the innocent.

Please let me communicate with the loved ones who have crossed over.

Please help me communicate with those who are still here.

I could really use more spoons.

Please help all of us find ways to smile and experience joy at least once over Christmas.  Please comfort those going through tough times, such as those who have lost–or risk losing–loved ones.  Please fill their hearts and homes with a little Holiday Cheer.


~An Aspie


(Image Credit: Cyril Rolando)


  1. Our wish lists to Santa are usually different. And more complex in their simplicity. And more beautiful and altruistic.

    I hope you had a lovely time, Ms Wave.

    Thank you for sharing this year with us. And for letting us hold your hand a little.

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    1. Awww that is really nice! Thank you for this 😊❤️ Thank *you* for holding my hand! That has meant everything to me! 😘💞💞


    1. Yay!! 👏🏼 😊 Me too, especially as a kid ❤️ Now my favorite one is “Oh Holy Night”; beautiful song that brings tears to my eyes. I still really love “Silent Night”, though, and for the same reasons as you 💞

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