Sharing: Reverse-engineering our autistic rage

An incredible post by Aspie Under Your Radar (whom I highly recommend following!) about subject matter that tickles my “Special Interest” Bone (neurology).  The post delves into the details of the Autonomic Nervous System (which governs our infamous “fight or flight” response) and how it’s connected to the creation of drama, particularly in the context of the Autism Spectrum Community.  A brilliant post!  Thank you, VV, for writing this! 😊😘

Autistic Ultra

person screaming We all have very good reasons to be enraged.

Over the past few months, I’ve noticed an “uptick” in the online autistic community drama levels. Of course, it could just be me… I haven’t been active in the autistic “scene” for years, until last spring. I gave it a whirl, back in the late 1990s, and again about 10 years ago, but the drama drove me away. I have a busy life with a lot of responsibilities that most folks don’t bother with and have no idea about, and I just haven’t got time for the drama.

Now, again, it starts. I see other people tweeting about it, blogging about it, emailing me about it. Ugh. It’s just so … awkward and painful and illogical, which for me is the equivalent of being flayed alive. Why can’t we all just get along?

Well, I’m pretty tired of feeling ill, every…

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  1. Yes, to all the above. Eloquently put. Exactly why I feel every day is a drag upon my nervous system and adrenal fatigue is real. Just driving to the shops 1.5km away feels like an urban jungle assault. A trip to the city 40km away?! No thanks!!

    I cling to calm, kind people in an embarrassing way. They feel I’m potentially smothering them, but it is to be in the midst of a grounding force when I am afloat at sea with my emotions. I feel starved of calm and groundedness.

    I snap on a Saturday morning if anything beyond a coffee and a quiet potter about is required. Anyone who deals with me then thinks of me as a snarly bitch or a nasty middle aged racist. I’m neither, though I see why that happens. I’m a tired, frazzled, single autie mechanic mum at the edge of her tether.

    Time to clean out the proverbial closet, me thinks…

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing more of your brilliant thoughts! Oh my, yes, I can relate to everything you said. Dear friend, you are definitely not alone! Driving, etc really saps my energy, and it uses up my available fuse/resilience until my nerves are very fragile. Then it doesn’t take much for them to break. All of the seemingly-little things add up in a cumulative way until something outwardly-minor breaks me down completely. Cue the mini- (or mega-!) meltdown ❤️

      Your last few sentences about cleansing gave me some inspiration for another post! Yep, I can relate to those words that much 👏🏼😊

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