Sharing: Diagnostic Criteria for Neurotypical Spectrum Disorder

This is a wonderful post, written by the author of one of the first comforting, supportive blogs I found once I started on my Asperger’s/autism journey around 10 months ago.  Part hilarious satire and part unabashed truth, it ricochets off the walls of both my gut instinct and my cognitive reasoning, resonating as 100% accurate and 110% funny 🙂  Thank you for the permission to reblog, Anna! 🙂 ❤

Anonymously Autistic

Are you or is someone you know hyper social? It could be Neurotypical Spectrum Disorder.Read below to find out more and follow #NTDiagnosis

Neurotypical Spectrum Disorder           999.00 (F97.0)

Diagnostic Criteria

A.      Persistent over-activity in social communication and social interaction across multiple contexts.

1.       Insistence on social-emotional reciprocity, ranging, for example, from constant social approach and early adaptation of back-and-forth conversation; to encourage sharing of interests, emotions, or affect; to a constant seeking to initiate or respond in social interactions.

2.       Over awareness of nonverbal communicative behaviors used for social interaction, ranging, for example, from integrated verbal and nonverbal communication; to eye contact and body language or overestimation in understanding and use of gestures.

3.       Early onset in developing, maintaining, and understanding relationships, ranging, for example, from ease adjusting behavior to suit various social contexts; may engage in sharing imaginative play, easily make…

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