Sharing: Politics, Discouragement, and Energy

This post particularly spoke to me.  It’s almost as if the lovely Mamautistic has been peering in my windows at night 😉

I, too, have been worn down.  I can only handle so much negativity and intolerance (from either “side”).  Both sides of an argument have their logical points. Both have their faults and fallacies.  Both have their strengths and weaknesses.  Both contain grains of truth and elements of false filler.

Today, it came to a head, for me.  Maybe the moral of the story is to stay on top of the Asperger’s/autism spectrum community goings-on on social media a little more carefully.  (Yeah. I’ll magically slow down my work schedule and my daily life and get right on that.)

Or maybe the moral of the story is to not check social media at all.  Because if you use it in a healthy manner, in which you check in for a few minutes (or 30) and then you log off for the day, you’re likely to get caught up in something unintentionally.  It’s one of those situations where if you take the middle of the road, you get run over.

Some people claim to have empathy after all, but maybe they don’t.  Maybe in their staunch activism, they hurt moderate people.  They push people away.  People with kind hearts.  People with genuine intentions.  People who care, and would set aside precious time they barely have, in order to help them through a life crisis.

That’s what happened to me today.  And that’s why this post reaches in and touches my depths so much.

It appears that Mamautistic’s battleground was Facebook.  Mine probably would be, too, if I were on there as much as I have been in the past.  But my Ground Zero was Twitter.  I’m not the only one; of that, I’m certain.  I think the moral of my story is to make WordPress my first social priority, followed by a very limited sphere on Facebook (a sphere sanitized of politics, of course).

Thank you, Mamautistic, for writing this!  I think you have more agreement beamed toward you than may be visible ❤


I’m writing this post primarily for myself so please don’t read it if you’re feeling horribly overwhelmed by politics right now too. Maybe it’ll help others to know that they aren’t the only ones feeling this way though, so I’m putting it out here!

I’m getting ever more discouraged with the state of political discourse in the USA lately.

Maybe this has been discouraging for a while, but I tend to surround myself with wonderful people who are generally willing to hear another side and consider it, even if they ultimately continue disagreeing.

So, I hadn’t really noticed a huge shift until around last November.

I have Republican friends with whom I got along fairly well during the Obama years. They weren’t happy with many of the things he did, but neither was I, so we could find some common ground. They were less happy with him than I was about social…

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    1. Me too 😊 I totally agree! ❤️ I’m taking a Social Media-Free Mental Preservation Day…or maybe Week/Month 😉 I’ll still be on here, of course 😉😘💞

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  1. Thank you for the share and for adding your experiences as well! ❤

    Yes, Facebook is a huge culprit for me, but the actual "final straw" for me writing the post happened in real life. I still falter on social media with calling out problematic political/other things and it's even more that way in real life when the conversations have long moved on by the time I figure out *why* I'm bothered by a statement, what was wrong with it, let alone how to express that understanding in a way that the other person will also (hopefully) understand.

    At least on social media the conversations tend to still be in existence once I figure things out, even though it's still difficult and tiring 😦 But it's also important and I feel a responsibility to call things out when I can because so many others can't at all. So, yeah, very torn and discouraged about it all.

    Taking a social media fast is probably a good plan. I don't want to disappear completely – it's important to call stuff out when I can – but it doesn't help anyone if we get burnt out either ❤

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    1. Amen to that, my lovely! All of it. I’m so sorry that happened to you. It *is* incredibly discouraging at times. People get so caught up in the emotional swirl that they work themselves up to a point where I think they start to almost depend on the conflict. It’s like some of them thrive on it sometimes. I don’t understand at all. Well, maybe I do. There have been times where talking about someone’s annoying behavior has provided me with a positive emotion. Some might say I thrived on it, too. Looking back, the best way I can describe it is a feeling of relief–that feeling you get when you can vent and finally get something off your chest. That being said, though, as soon as I finished venting, I dropped the subject, that person (from my immediate “RAM”, anyway), and all the frenzied emotions that surrounded the issue, and I was done with it. The difference between the people I speak of and myself seems to be their unwillingness to drop it and calm down. Once they’ve rant-beaten one topic to death, they’ll pick up another and rant about it. They’re negative people, or at least, that’s the way they come across to me ❤️

      Ok I’m done ranting now too (lol) 😊 What’s done is done. I’ve said my piece, and thank you so much for saying yours! I’m really comforted by your support. It makes me feel warmer and fuzzier again 😘❤️

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  2. i spent years “fighting the good fight” online. its all bullsh**, you know, if you ever reach the hearts and minds of idiots, you will only be disappointed. and you will never be impressed or rewarded.

    setting yourself up like that is natural, but ultimately you have to stop and ask “what am i doing?” and a reminder: i am talking about opponents in online arguments in general– not republicans or trump supporters.

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    1. Wise words as always, my good friend! 😊 So true. Ugh, like the lovely Mamautistic above, I got hit from both sides this summer and fall when it came to politics (what happened to me today was a bit different, but I felt practically the same way). As for politics, I have good friends and close family on each side, and also on neither side, or even no side at all. (I’m in the “neither side” category lol.). So it was pretty tough, and today notwithstanding, I can relate pretty directly to what you and Mamautistic are saying. Gah. Lol 😉🌺

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      1. for me, you cant get “religion out of politics” (even though i believe in the separation of church and state) because most “politics” in this country are just little cults anyway. even when people finally agree on something, its for the dumbest reasons! (sometimes.)

        we could talk about politics, but at the end of the day youre going to be reasonable about most things, and the things youre “unreasonable” about you will probably have a good reason (or at least a good excuse.) so thats for the record ❤ but the way things are set up, its going to be a long, long time before it even matters what anyone thinks. it doesnt– we could all jump off a cliff and it wouldnt change the political mess we are in one way or the other. and i do mean "mess" in a very broad sense– the mess i think we were in 4 years ago, is the same mess we are in now, but slightly different in a way that some people think is everything! (but its not.)

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