Sharing: Letting Go Of Fitting In

What a brilliant post!  No wonder it was one of only six selected for reading at the recent AANE conference – I would question their judgment if it HADN’T been selected!  I can relate so much to practically all of this.  Congrats, my friend!  🙂 ❤


  1. youve gotta wonder if the gender binary is really an nt thing. when i was really young, everybody was separating into genders. i was like “im gonna go talk to the ones that arent running around playing sports. oh, i cant– theres some weird forcefield everyone else is paying attention to. funny i cant tell its there.”

    now theres a weird forcefield around these conferences: its like this sh** never ends. id like to maybe go to some tech conferences, but so many of them are women-only. its nice to know people are inventing more ways to keep me excluded from things.what? no, i dont take it personally at all. ive only been stuck kind of “outside” of things all my life, why would one more example make any real difference? oh i dunno– because tech is one of the few things in life i wasnt already excluded from?

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    1. I think you’re right – the gender binary seems to be an NT thing. From what I know of myself and many other Aspie/autistic people out there, we don’t tend to put as much stock in anatomy in general. We tend more toward valuing what’s truly inside. Gender becomes less relevant; it’s all about the core (at least, for me, and based on what I’ve seen) 😊

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