Sharing: Internet Ads and Accessibility

This fantastic post by the lovely Aria Skye highlights a significant-but-often-overlooked issue that can become particularly impactful for autistic people, epileptic people, ADHD people, blind people (whose visual-to-audio translating software may or may not bombard them with advertising or code-gobbledygook, and so many more segments of the population (in general).

Indeed, advertising has become a cat-and-mouse game of Obnoxiousness vs Desperation for Calm. The advertising industry seems to know no shame and possess no standards. Their tactics have gone far enough that the very concept of ease of accessibility to the internet (or practically any other media these days) is becoming more of a question than a given.

This excellent, insightful blog posts highlights the issue much more eloquently than I ever can. A great read!! 🙂 ❤


In the Twitter #autchat discussion about social media accessibility this week, a topic came up that has been bothering me quite a bit lately. The issue is one of internet ads and the websites that now detect AdBlock and require that the program be turned off (i.e. the website be whitelisted) before anyone can access their articles.

Now, I totally understand why the websites in question have this policy. I get it. They need revenue to continue existing. People need to be paid for the good work they do and I support people getting paid a living wage.

Some websites offer the option to pay and get an ad-free experience and I appreciate that, even when I’m not fully willing or able to do that. At least they offer the option.

But the websites that don’t offer any alternatives to turning AdBlock off are creating an accessibility issue. On many of…

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