Sharing: Autism Awareness Month Post Seven: Autism Speaks Replies To My Letter

A much-appreciated and extremely informative post from my awesome friend Devereaux (isn’t that the coolest name??) Frazier.  He had written an extremely logical and reasonable letter to Autism Speaks ($peaks / A$), which I thought was an excellent and brave strategy.

The disappointing (and fairly predictable) part was that although A$ did respond, they basically gave him the public relations (PR)-speak, saying how three-quarters of their budget goes to research, yada yada.  Well no shit, Sherlocks; that’s (probably more than) half the problem!  It’s not going toward efforts that would actually help autistic people!  And then, of course, they give him lip service about the flimsy-ish “resources” on their website for autistic adults and whatnot.

I wonder if anyone has been able to put any of these “resources” to the test to prove whether or not they’re actually anything productive and relevant to us, but I’m guessing most of us either wouldn’t waste our time with them, or getting any real help would probably be like pulling teeth.

Regardless, though, this post is a great read, and a valiant effort made my Devereaux.  Way to go, dear friend!  They’re just dorks; you, on the other hand, did a mighty fine job 🙂 ❤

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Three days ago, I sent a letter to Autism Speaks in regards to their 2014 financial statements, along with their co-founder’s statements about autism ( Thursday night, they responded with this:

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out to Autism Speaks and sharing this feedback. I am happy to share some information to help address these concerns that you have. More than 75 percent of every dollar spent has funded programs and services in science, family services, awareness and advocacy, exceeding Better Business Bureau guidelines each year. The majority of this funding goes toward science, followed by our family services, awareness and advocacy efforts. As we continue to implement our new strategic plan, we are working toward increasing funding in every mission area so that a significant impact is made for everyone affected by autism. You can find all our financial information in our most recent annual report, which is available on…

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  1. you know what? i write almost everything in all-lowercase, and even i wouldnt reply to a letter criticising my well-funded organisation with “Hi there,” …seriously, who does a$ have in charge of pr, kellyanne conway? it sounds instantly condescending– its the most unprofessional opening ive ever read. i dont know how much of that is bias, but that sure isnt all of it. nice job, a$.

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    1. Hear, hear!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼. Right off the bat, it sounds like she’s trying to talk to a little kid. Very insulting 👎🏼. You bring up such an excellent point 💓💓

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      1. 💓💓

        it just makes them look more unfit, imo. 2 hours of media training would have prevented that kind of response. i would not be surprised if they didnt have any. maybe it was done by an intern. that wouldnt excuse it at all! but i hate to think what else would explain it.

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  2. Appreciate the love, Laina 🙂 And yes, it’s a cool name. It would be cooler if people could actually pronounce it lol.

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  3. Ah, yes, typical PR spiel, indeed. I bet they have these responses at the ready. But, kudos to Devereaux for the effort. 🙂

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    1. Totally agreed! 👏🏼👏🏼💓

      Yeah, I noticed that they didn’t exactly itemize “canned PR responses to smart Asperger’s/autistic people” in their response letter 😉. I bet they just nestled it in under the advertising/marketing efforts 🙄💞

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        1. Devereaux did make a super-fantastic effort, though! We should totally inundate them with letters like these 😈👽👏🏼😂💖

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