Ever-loving when? [autistic poetry]

I’m publishing this from my mobile; it’s that fresh. πŸ™‚

For this one, you might want the song by Better Than Ezra “Desperately Wanting”, specifically the verses, rather than the chorus, running through your mind.

At the end of the road

Heart pounding inside

I could see to the end

But nothing beyond that


They’d be waiting, I knew

Could I face them again?

And if not today

Then ever-loving when?


I’m forever alone

The view always the same

If I run fast enough

I might could forget my name


And wouldn’t that be nice?

Just to start over again?

Maybe not today

But then ever-loving when?


I can do this myself

If I bend I won’t break

In the end, I just shrug

What difference does it make?


There’s the rain up ahead

Can I face it again?

Am I strong enough today,

And if not, then ever loving when?


At the end of the road

Fire burning inside

I thought it might be the end

Is there anything beyond that?


There’s no end of the road

It starts over again

Maybe not today

So then ever-loving when?


And they’ll be waiting

I must face them alone

I might throw the first punch

The only one I’ve ever thrown


Coming up on them now

My heart pounding inside

It might blow wide open again

Holding together, just for now

And for ever-loving when


  1. geez, lain, wow…….

    I saw this in my reader….googled desperately wanting, waited to skip ad, clicked skip add, let the music start, stared at the pic (the first verse, so fitting for this image!)…and let the words wash over while reading.


    Beautiful chaos……

    Brilliant. πŸ’œ

    Liked by 1 person

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