Sharing: ‘Gifts’ written by a lovely friend 

I promise that my sharing of this is not borne out of a self-serving sentiment. I’m very deeply touched by the neurosiblinghood I feel with this lovely soul, but the poem itself is too beautiful not to share! 🙂

Thank you, Cocoons, for writing this 🙂 ❤

Cocoons Can be Comfy

To my friend Laina over at The Silent Wave.  😉 Thanks for the inspiration.

What we have may not

Arrive in the glitzy gold wrapping the

World expects.

Our usefulness may not always be

Obvious at the outset.

But, you better believe it’s

Better than you can imagine.

For, the earth is fairly scattered with 


And all such shiny, flashy things.

But, the deep and delightful colors 

We bloom in,

The rareified and radiant beauty

We roll in

Is something amazing to behold.

Autism is like a red cardinal

Flapping through a dense tangle of trees- 

Stark against gray sky.

Different to see, yes,

But a God-created lack of sameness

Very much appreciated by some of us.

All we await on

Is for the rest of the world to recognize

How sorely we are needed…

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