Sharing: Done with that autism spectrum “disorder” business

I can very much relate to this!  I totally agree.  I’m all about the constructive, non-pathological approach and mindset.  This is one of the coolest posts I’ve ever read!  The whole blog is great.  🙂

Autistic Ultra

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I woke up a bit irritated, today. I’m happy for the weekend, but the weather is dreary, and my shoulder hurts. There’s a whole lot of stuff I want to do, while I have the free time. But I didn’t sleep quite as much as I’d wanted to, which is problematic. Oh, well — I’ll get a nap later. It’ll cut into my plans, but so it goes.

I was also irritated about the whole designation of “disorder” that goes with autism. I got my proverbial mental wheels spinning last night, thinking about Roy Grinker’s assertion that autism is a social construct. Gah! When I think about it, it just seems like yet another straight, white, neurotypical man getting pissy about being left out, and wanting to say that a group he can’t belong to doesn’t exist, rather than accepting that he’s not part of it, and will never be, so…

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  1. also it isnt a social construct (what tf happened to science, anyway? next theyll say evolution and newtons laws of motion are “social constructs.”) its a breath mint. autism! with retsyn. “taste the rainbow!”

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    1. Interesting viewpoint, bro! I don’t know enough about social constructs as they might or might not relate to the Asperger’s/autism spectrum, so I can’t comment yay or nay on it yet, but you’ve inspired me to do a little digging! 😁💚💙

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      1. its actually really simple: most things arent “a social construct.”

        * autism: not a social construct
        * chocolate cake: not a social construct
        * the sun: not a social construct (but very close! i mean sun-worship is probably a social construct, but not the sun itself.)
        * gender: well here you have differing opinions. i think it safe to say gender is a bunch of different things– gender vs. sex, etc. and so on…
        * the beatles were not a social construct. the beatles were (at least most of the time they were together) 4 guys from liverpool.

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