Sharing: Too Many Voices

This (excellent!) post perfectly expresses what I’ve been feeling over the past few months.  It’s hard to tell when I started to feel this vibe, but it built up gradually and came to a head.  It’s reassuring to know that I’m not alone!  My next post delves into my situation/perspective a little more thoroughly, but I invite y’all to enjoy this one now.  It is, after all, a very enjoyable post.  Bravo, EA!!  (Applause) 🙂

Eclectic Autistic

If you’re like me, you probably know how it feels to get overwhelmed when too many people are talking at once. Maybe it’s a relaxed group conversation, or an animated classroom discussion. Maybe you’re trying to have a conversation in a crowded restaurant. But whether or not the majority of voices are directed at you, just the sheer volume — both the volume of noise and the volume of words/thoughts/ideas — begins to overwhelm any single voice, any single unit of information being conveyed.

Sometimes the internet feels like that to me. Especially when it comes to social media, and particularly when it comes to Twitter: whether people are directing their words toward me or not, there are just too many voices for me to process.

And when that happens, I lose my own voice.

I lose my voice because I have to pull back. Otherwise I get lost in…

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  1. Great share. ❤ This articulated beautifully one of my biggest struggles. Sometimes, I can actually imagine all the voices rising up in my brain and collecting in a blur of noise.

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