Sharing: So What Is Executive Dysfunction?

This is probably one of the best posts on Executive Function (and its evil twin, executive dysfunction) that I’ve ever seen!  Very practically written and well-expressed, even those who are completely new to the topic will assuredly come away with a solid working knowledge.  Brilliant post–actually the whole blog is excellent quality.  Highly recommended!

Stranger Darker Better has several posts on this topic, which I highly recommend checking out.

In addition, I might weigh in with some of my strategies in a future post if–you guessed it–I can reign in the “focus” part of my own recent executive function issues (lol) 🙂

Enjoy! ❤

So Much Stranger, So Much Darker, So Much Madder, So Much Better

Executive dysfunction. It’s one of the trademarks of developmental disabilities such as autism and ADHD along with many other possible sources such as depression or schizophrenia. For those of us who went undiagnosed for a long time or who never learned about dysfunction, we often view ourselves as lazy, worthless, or many other terrible things. Things that others seem to find so easy can seem incredibly difficult or even impossible to those of us with executive dysfunction. So what exactly is executive dysfunction and what can I do about it? Today we’re going to talk about what it is and in a later post we’ll delve into strategies for dealing with it.

Executive dysfunction is when a person struggles with aspects of executive functioning. (I’m sure some of you are rolling your eyes at the statement of the obvious). However, what exactly is executive function? That can be tricky to…

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  1. I’m so glad you shared. It feels like a mental and physical block or Strong hold when I need to get something done but can’t figure out where or how to start or I just cant physically make myself do something or even remember. I’ve never been diagnosed with ED but I can identify symptoms with some of my behaviors and emotional regulation, or lack there of.

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  2. Thanks for sharing. x I have shared to our pda parents page, its so simply put and explains a lot of difficult situations that parents can get frustrated with their little ones and cause even more difficulties. xx Thanks.

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  3. Yes. Very much all of this. I think this explains a lot of our challenges with my daughter post-surgery- her struggles with executive function plus mine. lol. We are getting there, but it is definitely a slooow process. 🙂

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  4. When I first read about Executive Dysfunction, that was one of the first times I thought “maybe I’m autistic after all”, because that was so me!
    It’s been rearing its ugly head in the past few days in particular, in a hundred little annoying ways: spooning the coffee into the mug instead of the filter; opening the drawer to take out a spoon and closing the drawer only to realise that what you’re holding is a knife; not cleaning the bathroom sink for two weeks running…

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