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I am enamored with the lovely Lady Ananas and this post.  So often, I see so many of us (myself included, at times) picking apart (and picking ourselves apart) the ways in which I/we may feel inferior, the ways in which my/our characteristics may make us feel lesser in a world in which we’re a small-but-not-really-that-small minority.   And coming across posts like these is incredibly refreshing, serving as an important reminder that there is beauty in variety, shades of gray in the black and white, and silver lining in the clouds.  Writing like this adds sun rays to my day and demonstrates the full Spectrum of the Autism Spectrum.  Excellent read!  You go, LA!  🙂 ❤

The Misadventures of Mama Pineapple

It’s coming up to a week since I received verbal confirmation of my diagnosis. And whilst I’d been anticipating the confirmation of my autism, the ADHD and dyspraxia were a little more of a curveball. Sure, one of my former colleagues in an old job once made a flippant remark to me about ADHD when I’d got distracted by something; a counsellor I was seeing a few years back suggested I might want to look into dyspraxia, and I did mention it to my GP, but because there’s no separate mechanism for testing adults for the condition, I abandoned that notion and forgot all about it (and a lot of Aspies, especially females, are known to have motor coordination issues). But now these two additional neurodivergences have at least been deemed “probable” in my case, they do in fact make sense.

The thing that I’ve been grappling with most over…

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  1. There is beauty in variety! That is why you have to be different from other! You can never be like anybody, be yourself, and improve on yourself.

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