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I just thought this was really insightful and thought-provoking to read!  I really enjoyed this post; it really stood out to me, and I can very much relate.  In fact, I recommend their whole blog; it’s wonderful!   ❤

the asperger path

I travel alone. Perhaps we all do. The universe surrounds us but we are here locked inside our sensory, sense making brain. We see, hear,smell, taste and touch the world. However what I am sensing is totally unique and bears no relation to the sensations my neighbour creates.

I travel alone. I am not frightened of my own company. I amuse myself and confuse myself and can even look myself in the eye. An able contortionist, I can pat myself on the back though the need doesn’t arrive too often. I am my own best friend and yet I am not hermetically sealed.

I travel alone. I have left you behind, I haven’t yet met you or maybe our paths will never cross. I have stopped wanting to be an us and I have allowed myself to be me. I will not be lost in the world of compromise where…

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  1. “and bears **no relation** to the sensations my neighbour creates.”

    if that were really true, this entire aspie blog community would be bullshit, wouldnt it?

    people are too caught up in differences. of course theyre welcome to them, says i. and i– will see myself out, cheers.

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    1. Oh no, please don’t leave! 🌺🌺. I’m not sure how they meant that line 😊. I agree, people can get caught up in differences–one of the reasons I don’t go on Twitter much. Too much attacking each other over petty crap 💓. The WP community is much better 👍🏼. The community itself is largely pretty cool; social media can be a PITA anyway. But I think, for the most part, the WP community is awesome 💗💗


      1. sorry to confuse, “i will see myself out” is just a turn of phrase.

        it wasnt a critique of the community, i was actually just critiquing the logic in that one line. it wasnt even a critique of the rest of the post (yours, nor the one yours is about.) that said– i will probably die of a broken heart any day now, but thats got very little to do with this.

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    2. The line meant to me that we all see and process the world internally and uniquely. I have long seen language as a code to try and explain sensation. At the end of the day it is a piece of writing exploring life from my perspective.

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