The Veil [autistic poetry]

(My favorite day of the year is Samhain/Halloween, and my favorite place is an open road, especially somewhere in the western half of Texas.  Rarely do those two elements come together, except maybe in pieces like this… 😉  The carefree spirit behind this one may not be readily evident, so to get an idea for it, you’ll probably want to watch this (static image) video of one of my favorite songs “Misa Gringa” by alterna-twang/goth-Americana band Tarantella, as this piece fits relatively well with the music in it.)  ❤

The veil is thin
And it is dark
And you startle with every sound
They don’t say much
But they’re there with you
And you can feel them all around

And they don’t yell quite like that
You can’t make out quite what they said
Your fingertips can touch the sky
You don’t know why
But that’s all right
Say what?

I’ve seen your demons
I know your soul
I’ve seen the sun crash to the ground
You’ve made your escapes
Night after night
What’s the harm in one more go-round?

But they don’t laugh quite like that
You swim around what all they said
You wake up to the blinding light
(It) don’t make it right
But you don’t know why
Say what?

So many miles
So many memories
And I’ve watched them fade to blank
Tires keep turning
My head keeps spinning
As I top off yet one more tank

But they don’t fade quite like that
Sometimes you have to fight them back
Over a cliff into the sky
I don’t know why
But that’s all right
Say what?

The veil is thin
I don’t say much
But the wheels turn just the same

But I haven’t grinned quite like this
As I forget what all they said
My fingertips could touch the sky
I don’t know why
And that’s all right

(Originally written 11 October 2014)

Happy Samhain/Halloween to all ❤










  1. You are one of my favorite poetists. You and Edith Södergran make a high influence on me with your dict. When I where a child, I always go on adventures on forests and high ways. I bike and/or went several miles without water. I remember when I was 13 year and was exploring the adundant train way under Stockholm. I walk without any light source and in my darkest hour, suddenly all sounds from train in the ordinary station were louder. The caves were empty and in my imaginations I felt outlooked by demons. Your dict “The Veil” scribes my private experience on the way down to the underground very well.

    Facts about the abundant tunnel is: It was build in Stockholm during World War 1 and the underground room was built for injured soldiers. When the war was over, the intereset for tunnel disappeared. I personaly has not been in the mountainroom. Has only watched the door in the mountain. It’s still active but for different purposes than it had before… There is a lamp built over the door. And the atmosphere is mystic. Almost overnatural… The tunnel is a good place to visit when it is Halloween and you are looking for dead soldiers’ spirits…😈😈

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    1. Oh wow!! 😁. Thank you so much for sharing this info with me 💜💜. Fascinating!! I love reading stories like these, the background facts and the personal experiences you write about here 💗💗. Omg I would love to visit Sweden!! Some of my ancestors were Swedish 💚💙. And I love history. Although it’s filled with strife and tragedy, it’s also very interesting, and important to learn from ❣. Thank you so much for your very kind words about my poetry!! I’m so happy that you like it 💖🌟💖🌟💖

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  2. Hopefully you can read/understand those comments because my irritating “autocorrect” is programmed for swedish. Autocorrect fuckar up ewerything. 😬

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