(My) Asperger’s / autism and (my) spirituality 

I wrote this post a year ago today.  I’m feeling a little “retro” at the moment.  🙂

How my spirituality evolved to fit my Asperger’s/autistic neurotype 

It was true then; it’s still true now.  ❤

It talks about how I “tried on” various paths for size.  Always respectfully, of course.  I’ve always been a seeker of truth, even if the truth in question was a personal one.  I had always wondered, “what is the right path for me?  Where do I fit?  Where do I belong?”

I may or may not have found my answer yet, but I do know that I’m probably the closest I’ve ever been.

I’ve been a little lackadaisical in the spiritual arena of my life, and it’s probably high time I got re-centered.  😉


  1. That was a fascinating post. It’s always puzzled me how some people can accept diversity in every area of life except religion/spirituality. I’m looking forward to your next post on the subject.

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    1. Oh how cool!! 💓💓. I was raised Catholic, and there’s still a certain comfort that I feel attending a great mass service. I’m grateful to those who provide that service 🤗. I will definitely be following that blog you linked to! Thank you so much for the link ❤️❤️

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  2. Yes, I think this is something I am going to have to embark on myself (basically DIY-ing spirituality). I have a fondness for various aspects of Christianity partly because of long-term interest and also because it did help me through difficult times in life. But, there are also other areas I am drawn to like Buddhism, Taoism, and Druidry.

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    1. Yes!! 😁😁💓. I do love what they call “Esoteric Christianity”; Jesus himself was incredible! 💚💙

      Buddhism, Taoism, and Druidry are also amazing! I need to research Druidry; it has always fascinated me, although I currently know very little about it 💗💜💗

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      1. That sounds vaguely familiar, but I don’t think I’ve actively looked at it. I did come across an interesting term the other that I intend to read about this weekend, Eclectic Christianity.

        Druidry is fascinating, especially if you love nature and want to deepen a connection with it.

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        1. Omg sweet! Yes, I definitely feel a connection with nature, and would love to deepen that. I’ve always been a nature girl lol 😉💓💓. I’ll look into Eclectic Christianity, too! Thank you for sharing that 👍🏼. Always looking to broaden horizons 💜💙

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  3. I have always wanted to recommend Avatar, The Legend of Korra.
    I did make a little wink to Korra in a small homage I did back in July🌊

    It is probably the most spiritual animated epic ever. Korra and her
    journey is amazing. She is surrounded by so many strong female
    characters, and allies each season (4) books, build upon the previous
    and is such artful storytelling! I know I keep adding to the list, but it
    must be shared. One joy of the internet is the sharing part.

    Episode 1

    Avatar: Legend of Korra (Complete Series)

    Everyone is on a unique spiritual journey that ebbs and flows,
    when everything in our world is go go go, few get the chance
    to slow down and contemplate, it has become a luxury.

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend.
    Always sending lots of love and good vibes.

    💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖

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  4. As per usual – l have come to expect nothing less from your writing than brilliance and perfection and this piece is no different Laina – well done excellent writing yet again 🙂

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  5. I’m sure I’ve read the post before – I’ve read all your posts! – but worth reading it again. I think for most people faith or spirituality is a continuing journey, and so it should be. I was brought up with a belief in God, and with visits to two local Lutheran churches, but I wasn’t baptised. As an adult, after a lot of thinking, soul-searching, doubting, I realised that this is actually where I belong. I was probably influenced by my upbringing, but nothing was forced on me. Twenty-five years on, I still think I made the right decision. So I do call myself a Christian because of the role Jesus plays in my belief system, but that does not mean it’s the “one true path”. For me, my Christianity is not dogmatic, it doesn’t force me to believe anything, there is room for change, for doubt, for searching, for feeling spiritual in nature, for science…it’s still evolving, it’s not fixed, and I don’t think it will ever be, nor do I think it should. I remember a quote from a TV series about a demon-hunting priest (yes, it was a bit silly), where the priest said something like “now and then you have to take your faith out of the box and give it a little spin”. I thought that was very wise.

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  6. Laina, what a lovely post! I’m retired clergy (Episcopal, with a 5 Precepts certif. in the Kwan Um School of Zen Buddhism). The older I get, the less I Know. I believe healthy spirituality is a kind of open, seeking, growing and healing, place. Best wishes as you explore!

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