New ‘The Silent Wave Vlog’ / YouTube Channel?

I’ve been batting around an idea in my head  😉

I’m thinking about creating a vlog on a YouTube Channel.  I’ve already created the channel itself, but there’s no content on it just yet, and I’m wondering if y’all would be interested in seeing me add some!

I’m thinking about discussing a variety of material:

  • Some of the material I’ve covered in some of the earlier posts
  • Some of the thought-trains behind the posts I’ve written
  • Other topics I haven’t yet discussed
  • What I look like “IRL” 😉
  • Maybe some other stuff (I’m absolutely open to suggestions!)

Some information for the record, according to my current plans–if I start vlogging/YouTubing…

  • Vlogs may average 4 to 10 or so minutes in length (?)
  • Any vlogging I do should not impact the blogging I do on here.
  • I don’t plan to retire this blog!  It will remain exactly as-is and active, with new content continuing to be added.
  • I don’t plan to remove any content from this blog!  Whatever is already here will stay here.
  • I plan to keep it advertising-free for a good while.
  • Eventually, I’ll probably have to “monetize” the channel at some point, since finances have been real thin for a while, and we often have trouble covering our basic needs.  (I do not profit from this blog in any way.)
  • However, I plan to adhere to a “don’t be evil” strategy when it comes to advertising.  I have standards and I plan to stick to them!  (I’m still a proponent of adblockers; I use one, and I won’t begrudge anyone else using them, either).

I would love to hear from you!

  • Would you be likely to subscribe?
  • Would you be interested in these type of videos?
  • Is there any particular material/topics you would like to see me cover?
  • Is there any particular video length that would be too long for you?
  • Would you like me to post links to the YouTube videos from this blog, if I begin making them?
  • What are your thoughts?

Any suggestions, recommendations, topic “requests”, “please do”s, “please don’t”s, pearls of wisdom, tips and tricks, pitfalls to avoid, time length suggestions/limits, and/or any other feedback is greatly appreciated!  Please feel free to sound off in the comments!  ❤


  1. The other thing you could do is start a podcast. You could use the audio from the vlog and drop it into all the podcatchers like I do at

    Would you be likely to subscribe?
    Would you be interested in these type of videos?
    Is there any particular material/topics you would like to see me cover?
    Nothing specific but in keeping with what you do here
    Is there any particular video length that would be too long for you?
    Anything over 10 minutes unless the video (as opposed to audio) is really compelling (please don’t think that seeing you IRL will not be compelling enough). I have a food YouTube (which hasn’t been updated in a while which shows how I cook things) and my medical fun facts YouTube is very lazy at the moment because it’s now just audio with my thumbnail showing the whole time.
    Would you like me to post links to the YouTube videos on this blog if I begin making them?
    Yes, you should have YouTube links in this blog and if you set up a podcast, you can use the RSS feed to populate all the podcatchers, that way each blog post automatically sends content in three forms.
    What are your thoughts?
    I think it’s a great idea.

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    1. Oh wow, thank you so much for your encouragement! Excellent information and feedback, much appreciated! I think I’ll definitely get into podcasts at some point! 😁. They sound like a lot of fun 👍🏼👍🏼. Once I get back to my computer I’ll look up your YouTube channels and subscribe, too! 🌺🌺

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        1. That’s cool 😁. I can see your point, because I cannot tell you how much quackery I *have* seen in alternative medicine. (I see it in conventional medicine, too) but my medical philosophy and approach is: what does this particular individual need? If it’s a drug, it’s a drug. If it’s exercise, it’s exercise. If it’s nutrition, it’s nutrition. If it’s a surgery, it’s a surgery. I’ve had everything done, I’ve seen all healing approaches work, and there’s either evidence behind it or there isn’t. I’ll go for the evidence-based therapies first, and if there isn’t one, or they’re not working, I’ll go with experimental, anecdotal stuff, with full disclosure that it’s experimental or anecdotal, and proceed only under that mutual understanding. That’s just for the record 😁❤️. I take a balanced view 🌷💖. Thank you so much for the heads-up, though, so I know what to expect when I visit 💚💙💜

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  2. It is a lot of work taking on vlogging on top of blogging, but if you are up for it I know you can do it! I would love to see vlogs by you as I really love your blog and reading your posts. 🙂 ❤

    I wish I had some helpful tips or advice, but I never vlogged so I have none. ;o One thing I will share as I use youtube a lot and follow a lot of vloggers/youtubers is youtube seems to be more of an open source for hate than wordpress and a lot of trolling. BUT don't let that bring you down ever or stop you. Just delete their comments and block them. Don't feed the trolls… <—- Advice for anyone haha

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    1. Awesome advice! Thank you so much! 😘❤️. Hehe you’re right, troll-feeding is a big mistake lol. I’ll administer the channel on YouTube much like I do this blog. Safe Space for AS/ND for sure 😁👍🏼💖💖

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  3. Before you implement ads, please open a Patreon account (and post a link to it on all your websites). Advertisements feel like an assault on my senses while Patreon donations are consensual.

    I have just sent you an email with a donation (via person-to-person transfer directly from my bank, which avoids any fees). This is just a good faith gesture to illustrate that people actually will donate to you voluntarily.

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    1. Omg that is too cool!! Thank many, many bunches 😘😘❤️❤️. You are amazing and extremely kind! 💓💓

      I definitely have to get my behind to a regular computer and check my dang email 😉😁💖. (It’s not working as well on my phone at the moment; it’s up and down, something to do with the Gmail app not updating properly, maybe because my iOS is out of date 🤔😜.)

      You totally rock! 👏🏼👏🏼👍🏼🌷

      I feel the same way about ads as you do–totally annoying and an assault to my senses (I even wrote a post on here about that this last winter, late-December, I think?). I want to reassure everyone that before I “monetize” (omg I don’t even like that word!), I will check into various options that are the least intrusive or upsetting to the nervous system.

      Thank you thank you so much again 😘❤️💗

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    2. I was just thinking about suggesting the same! I opened a Patreon account for my studio (nothing to do with my blog, by the way). I feel that the platform has much to offer!

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  4. just be sure your “dont be evil” is better than google and facebooks. im pretty sure the facebook motto is “be evil as long as its fun and popular” and googles new motto is “we were joking of course.”

    i dont really think youre going to be evil, but “dont be evil” is still an ominous way to start given the last people that said it 🙂

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    1. Lol you too? Twitter gets really intense for me. I’m still on there, but I don’t spend much time there these days. Because Saturation Point lol. Is that why you’re not there too, or do you have different reasons? 😘🌺🌷

      (Very nice to see you, btw!!) 🙌🏼🙌🏼💖

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      1. twitter offered to let me skip giving them my phone number (which i have no intention of ever doing) and then auto-blocked me after my FIRST post, which didnt even include a url. but i can fix it by giving them my phone number! (yeah, how about no?) i will check out your videos of course, im just not going to join youtube again. i use vimeo, and it suuu(uuuuuu)uuucks.

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        1. Oh yeah, the Twitter mobile thing 🙄. They didn’t used to require that! Such a pain in the ass 💜. I set up my first account without one, and they still let me post. Went to go set up The Silent Wave about 5 years later and poof!–mobile number required. Ugh. I gave it to them because I’m a sucker, and I really wanted to connect with people on there, but I do not like it, Sam I Am!! 😡. I feel you and I totally understand your position, too. I reckon they started requiring it because of all the fake accounts being set up, but then again, the requirement hasn’t exactly stopped the bots and crap. Another case where the cure is worse than the disease 🙄🌷💞

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            1. No doubt about that! I should get a little prepaid mobile for this reason, a little throw down number I can use for stuff like this. No matter, they already have my real cell anyway, but I’ll be able to make the decision again when I get a new primary cell, if I decide to change its number. I would then just get a second number to go with it as a throw away lol 😉. A lot of work, yes, but then, it seems that if one wants to use various services *and* maintain one’s privacy, that’s almost what it’s coming to 😳🙄💞

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              1. i think the real solution is for more people to boycott services that require your phone number. but thats going to be a very long haul…

                for video, you can host on the internet archive instead of youtube. but… then you lose out on comments, and youtube is “cooler.”

                at least one person will boycott signing up for youtube with a phone number: me. and you know how effective a one person boycott is 🙂 still… oh and like i said, i will still watch your videos 🙂 i wont be able to comment on them. your 2nd phone idea isnt that bad, if you have the money.

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  5. Definitely! Go for it! If you’d like to subscribe to my channel my screen name on Youtube is IAMGiftbearer. I need to get a better camera but for the videos where I’m just talking about a topic the built in one in my laptop does OK, but my plan is later on to do some art/fine craft tutorials as well as more showing my snakes and breeding/hatching eggs, etc… I have a female Ball Python named Velvet who is 5 years old and I’m finally getting her a mate in December so if you love animals keep an eye out for a baby snake unboxing. 🙂 I will intermittantly be doing more videos on Aspie stuff and chronic illness as well.

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    1. Oh wow! How cool! 😁😘❤️. I will totally hop over and subscribe 💗💗. Velvet sounds like a real dear! I can’t wait to see your videos on Aspie stuff and chronic illness, too 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼💜💙💜

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  6. I will check it out when you get it up and going, for sure. My morning starts on Youtube these days and WordPress.

    Though, I find it disturbing that so many people are against the ads that they play. Yes, YouTube/Google is evil, judgemental and even prejudice. Bad people on youtube also. It is across the board though. So many talented people that you love to watch, who have walked you through problems to help you solve them. Shared Experiences, explanations and hard work. Research and study… I think they all deserve something for their time. Of course, just my opinion. They demonetization of Youtube is another travesty and form of censorship Google has undertaken. I keep wanting to shout, Viva la revolución, LOL. Patreon is a great idea also.

    Even on here I thought about reviewing some stuff… *shrugs* I don’t know yet. Anyway, I am babbling. It would be an adventure!

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    1. Thank you very much for your comment! I agree with YouTube/Google being evil especially these days (!) 👏🏼👏🏼. You’re right, there are shady people everywhere, and there are also some genuine people and excellent videos to watch 👍🏼👍🏼💗. So true that those who work hard and put in the time do deserve something for that 💜. Thank you bunches for your input and support! 😁💖💖

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        1. Awww thank you, dear one! I’ve missed you too! I’ve got a bit of a learning curve ahead with the videos, but people like you make it rewarding to take it on! I’m cramming my head with video-making info as we speak lol 😉😘❤️💗


  7. I personally struggle with video content and probably would not subscribe because of that (and then would feel guilty about it) but it would be a great resource for those who enjoy that type of format!

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        1. Thank you so much, Christy! What a beautiful thing to say! I’m totally touched 😘❤️. Because I know you mean it 💜. I’m not sure how we found each other either; maybe Michael’s “reblog blog”? (The one with the German name that I can never remember? 😉). Or something like that? Either way, I’m so glad we did, and I feel very blessed to know you and your magnificent blog!! 💚💙😍

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    1. I haven’t yet, but I totally want to! As a fan of House MD (same creator), I’ve been salivating over this show, but can never catch it and my DVR needs clearing out lol 😉😂. That’s a fabulous idea! Thank you bunches!! I may just do exactly that 😁💞💗

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      1. Cool! You’re very welcome 🌺
        Looking forward to seeing what you think if you get around to it. If you sign up for a free trial of Hulu you can catch up on it there. G’night!

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  8. Yes! Go for it!
    I’ve learned so much from your blog about autism and my son. Very helpful and your followers have great ideas also. Win win.
    Podcasts are in. I listen to them while gardening. I’m a multitasker.

    You could interview others and use Periscope. Blab was a good way to get people to make comments live, but it might not be around now.
    Good luck!

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  9. I don’t think I would be your audience for this. I don’t follow any youtubers or vloggers, it’s just not a medium that suits me at all – can’t really deal with it. So personally I probably wouldn’t follow you, but it looks like there are plenty of people who would, so if it’s something you fancy, you should go for it. I will of course stick to reading your blog posts which, as you know, I greatly enjoy!

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    1. Thank you so much, my lovely 😘. I’m so blessed to have you in my life, I’m super-happy to have you on WP and to know you enjoy the blog (!), and I can relate as someone who prefers reading over watching 💞😘💗💗

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  10. I’m sure it will be very successful. You will be reaching a wide audience and drawing new people, which can only be a good thing. If it feels right to try then go for it. I don’t know how you cope with taking on new things but I would say take it steady and don’t overload yourself if you are still continuing to write as well, just check in with energy levels etc. It would be cool to see you! x

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    1. Thank you so much! 😘❤️. I totally know what you mean, especially about energy levels 😁. I’ve been running thinner on those over the past ~6 months than I had in years past. My energy used to be in such abundant supply that I kind of took it for granted and assumed it would be there for a while. Never did I think it would nosedive so quickly or at such a young age, but it did lol. I’ve been slowly picking myself back up however I can, though, and pacing myself really well most of the time 😁❤️. Yep, I’m going to keep writing for sure 👍🏼💜💙💜


    1. I’m not quite sure exactly, but I have a few ideas 😘. For the longest time, like the first 10 months of blogging on here, most posts got like 6-12 likes and in June of 2016 I had probably 250 hits all month lol. I don’t think I had 100 followers. In February of this year, I went back and categorized all of the posts I’d written thus far and made sure that all new posts were categorized. Then in probably June-July of this year, I learned that one should tag posts but to make sure that the number of Categories + Tags = 15 or less, otherwise the WP Reader considers it “spam” and a post won’t show up. So, there’s a little bit of SEO (site optimization for search engines), so I went back again a few times and removed a lot of the excess tags from existing posts, making sure to keep new posts in line with what I’d learned, and both of those moves paid off greatly in terms of site traffic and visibility 💗💗

      The main things I’ve found, though, are:
      1) keep writing (!) 😁, and
      2) engage with others, on your blog and theirs, which you’re already doing 😘

      I’d been thinking about what to write for my 600th post, which is coming up semi-soon (I’m at 570-ish now). Every 100th post I’ve started my little tradition of giving something back to my fellow bloggers and/or AS peeps 😘. I decided a little while ago that my 600th post will be all the blogging lessons I’ve learned, offered in the way of blogging tips 😁. There are so many wonderful bloggers out there, much more talented than I am 💙💜. And if they’re looking to have more followers and more visibility, I’d love to help them out 😘. I’m not a guru of any kind by any stretch, but I learned a few things the hard way lol and I believe that everyone should get the visibility and recognition they deserve, because y’all are amazing!! 💚💙💜

      So even though I’m going to write that post, I didn’t want you to have to wait for the main points, so I wanted to share those with you earlier 😁😘❤️❤️

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  11. I would subscribe. Honestly, I get overwhelmed with social media, but I would go watch everything from you! My only advice is to have a pounding beat, flashing lights and scantily clad women and men.
    No, seriously, it’s to have shorter pieces (3 minutes or so) mixed with longer in depth pieces. That way, no matter how much time someone has, they can watch at least one of your videos. That’s it. I literally have no more advice. What color should I paint grass in a painting? I don’t know. I’m bleeding heavily – should I seek medical attention? I don’t have a clue. Just the video length thing. 😉

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    1. Lol! 😘. I vote magenta on the grass color 😉👍🏼

      Seriously, thank you kindly for the awesome pointers! I’ll definitely do the varying lengths thing 👍🏼. Hell, even my attention span fluctuates 😉❤️💗

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  12. Would you be likely to subscribe? YES
    Would you be interested in these type of videos? ABSOLUTELY
    Is there any particular video length that would be too long for you? NO, I LOVE SHORT VIDEOS AND LONG VIDEOS EVEN MORE
    Would you like me to post links to the YouTube videos from this blog, if I begin making them? AGAIN, YES 🙂

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    1. It’s coming very very soon! I’m in the US, so it’s Thanksgiving week, and we’ve got a 4-day weekend coming up, so I hope to be recording (eeek! Lol 😂) and putting something up within the next few days 😁💖🌟💖

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