Sharing: I’m conducting a study, care to participate?

I’m game!  Anyone else?  Real research on emotion regulation in adults on the Asperger’s/autism spectrum 👍🏼. I really appreciate this effort, and I recommend following Little Miss Aspie, too 😁❤️

Little Miss Aspie

I am conducting a student project entitled “Investigating emotion regulation in adults with and without  Autism Spectrum Conditions”. Do you have a spare 15 minutes to help us with our research? If so please click here:

If you don’t mind could you share it with those you know? You don’t have to have ASD to participate.

Thank you, and have a great day guys,

Sasha x

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        1. I love it! Your blog rocks 😊. It’s funny, I had first visited it when I first saw you, but somehow my mobile’s WordPress app didn’t register that I had liked a couple posts and started following your blog; ahh, my WP app is a little unstable sometimes. Trying again today; I hope the app registers it this time 😁🍀💙

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