Standing at the intersection of Asperger’s / autism & physical disability (or blessing??)

A disability, in itself, can be an advantage.  It can be an innate physiological survival strategy. In fact, it can … More

A year later, self-diagnosis is ‘still’ ‘valid’ (duh) :)

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Standing at the Mirror Gate

After seven days of anticipation, the gavel bangs. The report has arrived, an innocuous little PDF file, attached to an … More

Repetitive, repetitive, repetitive movements

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Relief & the Waiting Game

I’ve passed through the first gate; the assessment appointment is behind me. After an uncharacteristically long and deep sleep, I’ve … More

Standing at the gates (of formal Asperger’s / autism diagnosis)

Well, the first official consultation appointment, anyway. Tonight is the eve of my first meeting with my specialist for the … More

Sneaking a peek (at what others had to say)

So anyway, I’m going through my formal Asperger’s assessment (well OK–the first of what I hope will be two assessments). … More