How to choose a good counselor / therapist as an Asperger’s / autistic adult

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My autistic personality is not a disease, and my characteristics are not “symptoms”

I might prefer to be quiet and observant.  That doesn’t mean that I’m defective or weird.  It might mean that … More

They said I had “anger issues” … when I was just actually autistic

A life of misunderstandings is a fatiguingly common theme among the Asperger’s/autism spectrum community.  I’m sure that a whole gaggle … More

My autism…

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Reaching out vs Drawing in ~ a social quandary for many autistic people

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Autistic, Staring, and Silent

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Standing at the intersection of Asperger’s / autism and PTSD

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Creating my alternative world

Autistic children and adults often create imaginary or alternative worlds within ourselves.

Vaccines do *not* cause autism ~ here’s why…

I’m autistic/an Aspie.  I’m also a doctor. …which makes the confession that I’m about to make that much more embarrassing. … More

The Coiled Snake ~ a tale of then-unknown-Aspie/autistic empathy

“Ground yourself,” they said. But it wasn’t that easy.