Diagnostic criteria for Allistic Spectrum Disorder [ICD: F84.6; DSM: 299.99]

(Beginning Note #1: This is meant to be tongue-in-cheek satire, folks 🙂  This is not meant to generalize or lump … More

Non-autistic: “Everybody’s like that.” No. You aren’t.

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Depathologizing Asperger’s / autism ~ In a way, neurotypical people might meet the criteria, too

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The #ActuallyAutistic hashtag is *only* for actually-autistic people

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The Silent Glacier ~ the winter world is my Asperger’s / autistic sensory deprivation tank

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Gearing up for my “first” Aspie / autistic Christmas

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Inspiration Porn is actually insulting

(In this post, I’m speaking to people of the non-disabled world.) So, you posted that totally inspirational picture on Facebook.  … More

Gender stereotypes, expectations, assumptions, and … the Asperger’s / Autism Spectrum

I used to be a massage therapist.  In the world of massage therapy, even in the present day, most first-time … More