Sharing: Neuro research – Ouch! There #Ifixedit – Enhanced Hemispheric Symmetry of White Matter Microstructure in Autism

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So, I came across an article from the Huff Post, earlier today, talking about how autistic…

To the distraught parents of autistic children: please don’t hate autism <3

(Beginning Note: In this post, I’m not assuming that all parents of children found to be on the Asperger’s/autism spectrum … More

Sharing: Another autistic use for the DSM-V

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I’ve been thinking a lot, lately, about how we define autism and whether that is even…

Asperger’s / autism, genetics, & MIT ~ Part 1: Consent?

Upon learning that the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) had established a shiny, spankin’ new $20-million-dollar autism research wing, I … More