The Too-Silent Wave (on social media)

(I have to get something off my chest.  I kind of dreaded posting this, because it might irk or offend some, … More

They thought I was “controlling”…when I was just actually autistic

I didn’t know much.  I just knew that having my toys (or later, clothes) and other belongings organized felt good.  … More

Knock it off, Round 2 ~ an open letter to more Twits (recent Twitter Twats)

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The great divide

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A Little Withdrawal is Good For The Soul [Mental Health Monday #2]

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Sometimes I’m almost afraid to check social media…

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Asperger’s / autism and vulnerability

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(My) Asperger’s / autism and people-pleasing

I’m a people-pleaser. There – I said it. Definitely not all the time.  But enough of the time that it … More

Sometimes I go mute

Although my speech was initially borderline-delayed, suddenly one day, I started talking fairly clearly at age two.  My mom marvels … More

The fallout, and privilege…

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