Omg, I’m pedantic, too.  Kind of. Part 2

So…in the last post, I mentioned that I’m sort of pedantic.  And apparently, I’m not alone!   In that last … More

(My) Asperger’s / autism and trust 

Once upon a time, I trusted everyone.  The cashier at the grocery store was the perfect audience for a monologue … More

Living the ‘lie’

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Giving up vices on the Asperger’s / autism spectrum

I’m kind of a mess.  I’m more sedentary than I should be.   I engage in the use of a … More

The depth of the (my) Asperger’s / autism ‘rabbit hole’

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Asperger’s / autism and the conundrums of honesty, bluntness, diplomacy, & lying

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Friends on the Asperger’s / autism spectrum

Throughout my life, I’ve always had a hard time making friends.  I’ve always ever only had three good friends at … More

No longer nameless

My new name and picture aren’t really me. By telling these two lies, I can be honest about everything else

My autism…

My autism blurs conventionally-sacred lines – between male and female, science and spirituality, logic/reason and intuition, childhood and adulthood, innocence … More

Ugh Christmas cards – one Aspie / autistic perspective

I can hear some people now:  “O. M. G.  Now she’s going to rip on Christmas cards!  What’s wrong with … More