Incomplete autism (?)

Sometimes I feel like I’m not exactly a “completely” autistic person, in a way. What does that mean? Well, it’s … More

Asperger’s / autism support I could actually use 

As I peer around the blogosphere, I can’t help but notice various references to “Asperger’s/autism support”. What does that even … More

An Aspie wedding anniversary

There is no “head over heels, OMG he makes my heart pound and my head spin” kind of feeling. What we have is even better than that: a calm, balanced, and comfortable life together, interwoven and intertwined.

Asexuality is different, not weird ~ one Asperger’s / Autistic person’s perspective

(Beginning note:  This post gets very personal, for obvious reasons.  I wrote this because I’m aware that gender identity, awareness … More