File under: WTH?? ~ Autistic children left in hot cars ~ a PSA [Content Advisory]

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The Too-Silent Wave (on social media)

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I’m “weaker” than I thought (#2 of 30 things I’ve learned since my Asperger’s / autism discovery)

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What happens when you say “no way–you can’t be autistic”

Saying “you can’t be autistic…!” can lead to devastating consequences. These include a dismissal of our true identity and a separation from our community.

The Asperger’s / autism ‘sub’culture, the way I see it

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Failing at Asperger’s / autism…?

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12 (more) things *not* to say or do to someone “with” Asperger’s / autism

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Star-shaped peg in a square-pegged world – Part 1: Curing out of convenience

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