(My) Asperger’s / autism & the self-like Within [Mental Health Monday]

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They thought I was being ‘obstinate’…when I was just #ActuallyAutistic 

Before we left for the clinic, I asked my partner over breakfast, “how busy is your schedule today?” He said, … More

I’m not a bad friend 

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Living the ‘lie’

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Nearing a meltdown…

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Relief and grief ~ the reality of adult Asperger’s / autism discovery

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The downside to being (autistic and) “bright”

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Because I can’t

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I probably would have preferred *not* to be mainstreamed in school

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When Asperger’s / autistic people appear soulless…

We’re not.  I promise. If you tell me that something bad has happened to you or that you’re sad or … More