Omg, I’m pedantic, too.  Kind of. Part 2

So…in the last post, I mentioned that I’m sort of pedantic.  And apparently, I’m not alone!   In that last … More

Omg, I’m pedantic, too.  Kind of. Part 1

Today, a little voice inside me poked me in the ribs and said, “pssst!  Go look up pedantic.  I bet … More

Sharing: Functioning Labels 101: What’s The Big Deal?

Originally posted on Feminist Aspie:
If you’ve seen the #HighFunctioningMeans and #FunctioningLabelsMean Twitter hashtags, or more generally read or listened to a…

Sometimes I go mute

Although my speech was initially borderline-delayed, suddenly one day, I started talking fairly clearly at age two.  My mom marvels … More

Looking in the mirror ~ How I measure up against Tania Marshall’s “Asperger’s in young girls / preschool” list, Part 1

When I first started on my Asperger’s self-discovery journey, I googled for “aspergers traits females” or something similar.  One of … More

Asperger’s / autism and marriage / relationships ~ Part 3: What worked for me / us

As I mentioned before, I think one of the prerequisites for any healthy marriage or other long-term relationship is that … More