Hi, and Thank You for reading!

You can call me Laina.

Although that isn’t my real name, I really do exist, and everything else I say here is 100% truth.  In fact, what you read here is probably the most open and honest I’ve ever been.  Many of the tidbits expressed in these blog writings are completely unknown by other people in my “in-flesh” life, even those closest to me, who have known me the longest.   So in a way, that makes you even closer.  In order to do that, my true identity must remain hidden. ❤

A Little About Little Me:

On the outside, I look like your average quirky, nerdy integrative medicine doctor with a love for human biochemistry, natural medicine, music, and the Texas Hill Country.  You may notice that I’m never too far away from my laptop or a music source.  I might look like I’m running around with my head cut off, brimming with energy, regardless of how long I actually slept last night.  You might not notice me, since my face might be buried in a book–either a medical thriller a la Richard Preston, a legal thriller a la John Grisham, a mystery a la Harlan Coben, ethereal material a la Richard Bach, or surrealistic Generation X fiction a la Douglas Coupland.

Or, I might blend in with a staircase, immersed and mesmerized by my mobile phone screen.

Spend some more time with me and may wonder why I’m always in and out of my apartment or office every few hours.  You’ll probably see that I complain about TV commercials, unintelligent drivers, and mainstream society a lot.  You’ll notice that I take my eclectic music and abstract/surreal digital art way too seriously.  I have a long anger fuse, but low stress and frustration thresholds.  I’ve learned the hard-and-painful way not to trust most people.  You’ll probably become perplexed or put off by my tendency to Tell-It-Like-It-Is without a filter (oops!).  Some people may begin to think that I may not care for much of anyone.  But I might share with you the myriad of labels that flitter around me – Aspie/autistic, biracial, non-binary, libertarian-leaning independent, riot-nrrrd, South Texan, pantheistic/pagan, nomadic traveler, eclectic, avid reader, and probably a few more.

Get to know me and you’ll see that I really do care, probably too much.  I pick up on the “vibes” of others and talk like a hippie throwback from the Haight-Ashbury Scene who is convinced that I died from an LSD overdose in a past life.  You’ll see that I commune nondenominationally (although I identify mostly as Pagan) with a Universal Consciousness.  You’ll notice that I still experience meltdowns and shutdowns, and I reference movie lines a lot, stringing them together into entire conversations.  You’ll see someone with a deep love for nature and living things, and a strengthening connection with the universe as a whole, who is working hard to overcome internalized ableism, but slips up sometimes.  You’ll realize that I actually lean more toward anxiety than anger.  You’ll begin to see that my Tell-It-Like-Is-ness is actually borne of pure unfiltered logic, and there really is no ulterior intent behind it.  I might even want to know your birthday so that I can look up where the planets were when you were born so that I can use astrology to understand you better.  I may even show you my inner writings that I don’t publish online.  I may turn you off or weird you out.  But if not, you might feel like sticking around.

You may even enter my inner circle.

Where and How To Find Me:

I’m on Twitter the most!  You can find me at @TheSilentWave.  Come on over and say Hi 🙂

My “other” blog (random and whimsical) is Who Loves Kitty, started in November 2008.  Let’s just say I’ve changed a little since that blog was born, but if you wanted to get to know me pre-Aspie/autism lens, that would definitely be the place 🙂

My Facebook page is The Silent Wave Blog – it’s an easy “Like” page, with lots of great discussions under the posts.  I try to check in once or twice a day.  Come on over and join in!

I joined Google Plus (G+)!  I’m listed as The Silent Wave, although I’m still figuring it out and I don’t have much on there yet 🙂

And I even have a LinkedIn page (The Silent Wave Blog), in case I decide to publish something 🙂