Deception / Betrayal, as seen through an Asperger’s / autistic creative writing filter

I’ve been a creative writer for over 20 years.  I’m not sure that I’m much good at it, but it provides a cathartic release.  For me, it’s a method of soul detoxification, expelling the old waste, making room for new life.

I don’t trust easily.  I’ve been fooled before.  Deception is scarring to the victim; it writes on the previously-clean slate of who that person is, and that person is never the same again.  Innocence is not only lost, but shattered.

I wrote this a number of (seven) years ago.  Obviously, I didn’t know that I was on the spectrum then.  But my unawareness doesn’t mean that I wasn’t 🙂

Some of you are familiar with my creative writing style, in that I write my own “lyrics” to existing songs.

This piece was written to the song “Into Dust”, a beautiful, simple, elegant, and haunting song by Mazzy Star.  The video (studio version, not live) on YouTube can be found here. and the audio-only file can be found here (source: SoundCloud).  I highly recommend taking a listen; it will probably bring a fuller meaning to the writing. 🙂

The writing doesn’t match up perfectly with the song; however, the music describes perfectly what I was feeling when I wrote this.


Thank You for reading!  🙂


(Image Credit: Cyril Rolando)



    1. Thank you for commenting! 😊. I’m both relieved and sad that I’m not alone. Relieved that I don’t feel “weird”, but sad that it’s happening to you (and probably many others) 😞💐


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