Sharing: I’ve Worked Hard to Become Who I Am – Never Give Up

It looks like the “Aspie Hive Mind” has struck again!  After VV’s and my posts regarding hard work and making the most of one’s ability, this gem of a post shows up, completely separate.  I think we all share a deep connection of some kind, because I totally agree with this post (as well as VV’s).  What’s even more exciting is that AnonymouslyAutistic’s blog is among the original wave of ASD-positive blogs I had found that spoke to me and comforted me so much.  It’s an honor to share mental wavelengths with amazing blog-writers!  This post is brief but amazingly powerful.  ‘Nuff said! 😊

Anonymously Autistic

Every day you wake up and get to choose who you want to be.

You can decide what bad habit you want to break or choose to learn something new or master a new skill.

I try to have as many positive days as possible.

I try to keep moving in the right direction – little by little, inch by inch. The progress seems slow but eventually I look back and see how far I have come.

Its work worth second of every hour.

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