Sharing: Basic Accommodations – I’m Not Disabled By My Autism, I’m Disabled By Unaccommodating People

Absolutely this. Every word. The Asperger’s/autism spectrum itself wouldn’t be nearly so challenging (for us OR the world at large) if society in general would simply wise up and implement some basic accommodations. But until they do, Anna outlines some solid self-care strategies that may help immensely in the meantime. Great post, Anna! 🙂

Anonymously Autistic

In an earlier post titled Autism is Not My Disability I said

“Autism is not the disability, although symptoms of my sensory processing difficulties can leave me crippled and unable to function. The disability is society’s misunderstanding of Autistic people.”

Although I still agree with my previous statement, I’ve been rethinking this title laity and feel a strong urge to elaborate.

First I want to clarify that there are parts of Autism that are disabling.

We can have mental disabilities, epilepsy, IBS, Anxiety attacks, chronic insomnia, extreme sensory sensitivities, and more. In my mind these things are not Autism – because they differ so widely in all of us. I consider these commodities are unfortunate side effects that Autistic people encounter (too often).

These things ARE true disabilities and are often invisible – so when I say Autism is not a disability, I mean Autism as a way of thinking in…

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  1. while you were asleep, a fellow neuro-fabulous person and i have camped out on your new post for a chat. im genuinely sorry if this inconveniences you or in any way puts you out.

    this is an ideal place for people like us to come together, even if it pushes the boundaries of comments sections. i think its a very positive thing in this particular case, but i would understand if you felt differently. and it is your blog– just like it would be your front porch, if we met there. so if you need to shoo us, i… really will try to figure out an ideal alternative. on other hand, if you decide to encourage it instead, it could become a very interesting (if busy) porch. either way, youre important to me (and your feelings matter to me.) do stay in touch.

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    1. Hehe I think I know which convo you’re talking about, and no, it doesn’t put me out at all 😘 In fact, it was really neat to wake up to! Rather endearing. I love it! Please, by all means, go right ahead, luv ❤️❤️

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      1. ❤ ❤ i certainly couldnt ask for a more favorable response than that! 🙂

        you and anna do such much for this community. in no way is this meant to diminish all the wonderful things this community does (i love you guys) but two of you feel like hosts imo. youre both extremely smart and youre both prolific, and by just being yourselves, you open a world up to the rest of us. sure, a biased opinion from me. it may only be partially accurate, for all i know. but for me personally, it is 100% accurate– and i do notice that im far from the only one who is pleased with your efforts. thank you again!

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    2. Awww! And thank *you* so much for your awesome encouragement! Because seriously, that’s exactly what it is: major, major encouragement. It might sound basic and possibly simplistic to say that it’s like a “positive reinforcement” thing, but it’s true 😊

      I started this blog with the intention of helping people, by putting information and personal perspectives out there in the hopes of building bridges and fostering understanding, and it warms me like nothing other to know that I’m accomplishing those goals. I feel all comfortable, content, and downright fuzzy inside ❤️ It’s utterly amazing to meet people, read comments and insight from others, etc. I adore the engagement in the comments section! As much as I love writing, I love reading everyone else’s comments even more! Everybody is just too cool for words. I do especially love when multiple commenters start interacting with each other! That’s simply awesomesauce 😘😊💓

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      1. 😘😊💓

        i agree. i would love one day to do a programming blog with that kind of interaction. fortunately its been a good month for coding in person. i even sat down next to an attractive woman in her mid to late 50s (her face didnt look it, i only knew her age because she compared it to the bartender in his 50s) and did a very tiny bit of coding the other evening. if she hadnt had a boyfriend…

        anyway, you cant imagine the happiness youve single-handedly brought into my life. theres a reason youre called moon-girl: you shine! ❤ ❤

        part of your magic is these people you bring together. this isnt just a blog, its almost a forum now. and also part of your magic is just your personality. southern hospitality? perhaps thats part of it 🙂

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