Sharing: Ten Things Autistic Kids Pick Up Faster, Better, and With Less Trauma If They Aren’t Bullied Into Learning Them

I meant to post this yesterday for my little informal Mental Health Monday theme, but life sort of got in the way, something I’ll probably elaborate on later. But better late than never, right? 🙂

For me, many (most?) of you, being a young child was rough. This is especially true in terms of school. Having to learn a set curriculum, taught in a set way, according to a set schedule. Bullying by other kids (and even sometimes teachers) was sandwiched into the school day like icing in a layer cake. Yawn and yikes at the same time. This fantastic post is about the bullying aspect, and various steps these pivotal adults can take in children’s lives in order for them not to have to suffer well into their adult lives.

Excellent post–bravo!!


  1. all you have to do to realize the author (of the pdf, not the blog post) is “psychotic” is replace “bullying” with “domestic abuse”:

    “top 10 perks women get from suffering domestic abuse!” — yeah, –NO!

    (btw, considering the actual statistics of domestic abuse by gender, im against tacking on “of women” onto any article where every word applies almost equally to men being abused.)

    i grew up in a house with domestic abuse towards both genders, which reflects the reality of domestic abuse. (its not 50/50 but its closer to that than people realize, because 9/10 articles on domestic abuse are written as though its a thing that happens almost exclusively to women, by men. the laws are written under that false assumption, and the places you can go for help– exist pretty much exclusively for women. and the police? hahahahah… also no.)

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  2. top 10 “perks” cancer survivors get from cancer: 1. better medical treatment (cancer treatment is constantly improving, yay!) 2. not everyone dies (is that a rainbow? no! its a f***ing DOUBLE RAINBOW!!!!)

    *double facepalm!*

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  3. Bullying has contributed to my daughter’s seemingly bottomless low self-esteem, and I don’t have words for people like that author. Beautiful rebuttals, heart hurting for all those commenting. People with better senses of humour than I could have a field day. 🙂

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    1. i have no idea what kind of people will come of this “think positive, OR ELSE!” business. positive thinking is great the way that exercise is great. then theres the point where positive thinking starts to look like the people that worked at the colony in “dagger of the mind.” (*blank stare* i love my life!) yeah… we can tell.

      whatever gets you through the night. i dont want to hear about the perks you think i got out of school! even my own school administrator hung himself (not surprisingly, we got along well. he even got me a paperback once, because were both dostoyevesky fans.) odd thing, suicide– the people that *should* do it (a couple other people who worked at that school for example) are basically never the ones that actually do. :/ the biggest “perk” of school is that it eventually ends!

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      1. Positive thinking can also sound dangerously close to victim-blaming — or any blaming, for that matter. If you’re not positive enough, you’ll die of your cancer! If you’re not positive enough, it’s your own fault for getting sick! Hey! Look! If you’re only positive enough, and spread your arms wide in the sunshine on a hill wearing white, you’ll never be depressed again! Pfft. I have less and less time for all-the-world-is-rosy. Yeah, it has its place, but not to the exclusion of reality. 🙂

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      1. Singing, and acting. And being brave, and loyal, and getting out of bed every day even when she doesn’t feel like it. 🙂 But for talents, yeah, singing and acting. 🙂 Oh, and math. There’s always math. 🙂

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        1. singing is awesome. math is impressive. i suck at math. when i made a programming language, i made certain it had words instead of symbols. why? because my friend thinks BASIC looks too much like math. i decided on words instead– that idea only goes back to pascal (or cobol, or something.)

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          1. My math skills are the sort that got me pity passes in high school (plus two rounds of summer school and one more of night school). She impresses me every day, cause she sure didn’t get it from me. 🙂 And programming is totally beyond me, so yeah, you impress me too. 🙂

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            1. programming isnt totally beyond you. its easier than math, i promise. (its more like using a calculator.)

              if you feel like it, have a look at these 6 short stories that i wrote to take some of the mystery out of it. and if they pique your interest, let me explain further (come to my blog or forum for that. but those stories dont take long to read.)

              im on a mission to make coding accessible to everyone– i mean everyone.

              i even went on a pilgrimage to where BASIC went online in the 1960s, because it was pretty much the first language designed to bring computing to every person. (fig is heavily inspired by basic, and logo.)

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    2. “Positive thinking can sound dangerously close to victim-blaming” – agreed 😊 I definitely realize that not everyone has the energy for that. Sometimes I lack the capability of positive thinking because I’m so far down or out of energy/spoons/steam, or something.

      In those cases, I try to stay real with myself. I tell myself that I realize I’m not ok now, but I will be when I’m ready. Some things take me longer to process, and it’s important to give ourselves that time and space 😊😊

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