A really big Thank You <3

I wanted to let y’all know that this blog reached 100,000 hits sometime overnight the night before last, by over 48,500 people so far (!).

This isn’t an attempt to brag or show off, I promise.  In fact, the reason I hadn’t posted about this yet is because I didn’t want to show off and I hadn’t wanted to say anything that could be misconstrued to be puffing out any peacock feathers. 🙂

Rather, I want to say Thank You.  Thank You for being You.  Thank You for reading these words.  Thank You for liking them!  Thank You for commenting!  Thank You for talking with each other and following each other on your blogs, too!  It’s always fun to visit everybody’s blogs and see an amazing group of sweet familiar faces there, complete with jokes, vibes of support and admiration, words of encouragement, strings of cute emojis, and the whole works.

Some of you met up on this blog, and some of us met each other on someone else’s blog.  The community is what makes the world go round.

You know what’s really special?  Interacting with people on WP, whether on my blog, theirs, or someone else’s.

You know what else is special?  Seeing posts from this blog show up on Facebook or Twitter, shared by people I’ve never met.

And you know what else is special?  Seeing the stats everyday, knowing people are searching for you (me) (specifically) and reading what I have to say.

Not that I’m a stats hound.  It just feels good to know that people are finding this blog.  Because if they are, they’re finding you, too.  They’re seeing the fun we have on here and elsewhere.  They’re joining in.  They’re speaking up.  They become part of You.

That’s what The Silent Wave really is: the individual drops coming together.  It’s not even this blog.  It’s the Coming Together everywhere.

I know that WordPress reports the stats as numbers from countries.  It doesn’t give me locations (not that I would stalk you anyway lol), and it doesn’t give me IP addresses or names (unless you Like or Comment on a post).  But I know it’s not just faceless numbers.  I know there are real people behind those numbers.

What completes that circle (and takes the cake) is meeting people online, such as Facebook, and hearing “omg I love your blog!”  Instantly I know that they’re one of the numbers.  They’re one of the stats.   The stats start to form faces.  They start to “grow names”.

I feel so complete at times like that.  And I know that I’m responsible for my own feelings.  But it’s interacting with you that makes those feelings possible.  Without you, I wouldn’t have felt them.

For the first time in my life, people think that what I have to say is cool.  To someone, it’s significant. To someone, it matters.  To someone, it’s helpful.  To someone, it’s funny.  (I’ve never been considered funny before, and it feels awesome!)

In fact, I’ve never been considered any of those things I mentioned.  Now I know that it’s because I hadn’t been surrounded by the right people.

I’ve found My People.  That would be you.  All of you.

I’m so incredibly touched and blessed that I’m probably going to lose my words at some point soon, but I just wanted you to know how much You Matter.  How Significant I think You are.  How Helpful You’ve been.  How Cool and Funny You are.  How much of a difference You make in my life.

Thank you, from the core of my soul, which is as deep as it can get ❤


This is one of my more popular posts!


  1. Must be nice. I’ve got maybe a tenth of that and I’ve been going on a year here. I guess that’s what happens though when you post stuff contrary to what everyone wants to read.

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  2. Yay! That is so cool! 😍I love coming here and seeing such familiarity-not only in your wonderful writing (which is incredible, by the way, and definitely worth these folks searching you out! ❤) but in the community that gathers here in the comments. This is one of few places I can visit-online and off-where I feel a part of something. I always walk away more enlightened and validated, something which has been very rare in my life. Thank you for being here, friend! 😀❤

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  3. I actually told my hiking friends about your blog today. They have adult kids w special needs of some sort. I thought they would benefit from reading your blog.
    I def think you have something to say and you have helped me understand my son better.

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    1. Oh wow, sweet! Thank you so much! I really appreciate that 😊. I wish your hiking friends and their son(s)/daughter(s) the very best! I hope we’re able to meet up here (or on their blog, if they have one!) at some point 😊👍🏼💞

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      1. You’re awesome Laina. Neither of them are bloggers, but maybe you will inspire them to start one of their very own. I always learn so much by reading the comments from many of your loyal followers and maybe they will too. 😮Congrats again on your continued success and brave honesty in your posts. 🍾👏

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    Doing so much for those on the spectrum, not just awareness, but understanding, recognizing strengths and weaknesses, and loving the inner autistic. And she doesn’t get nearly the kind of monetary support A$ gets.

    You go Laina, we love you 🙂 from here in Maryland to wherever else your views come from

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  5. Hey, you deserve the credit! Frankly I’m amazed at the sheer quantity of writing you manage to put out, and maintaining the level of quality you do throughout all of it. Kudos to you – and keep writing!

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