New blog! 

Hello, my pretties!  I am pleased to announce that I have set up an additional blog.

For the record, this blog, The Silent Wave, is not being retired.  🙂  It will remain active as I have the energy to post. 😉  I will continue to create new content as I am struck by the inspiration, and all of that content will still be posted here.

The new blog, “Laina’s Collection“, was inspired by my incredible Neurosibling Devereaux Frazier, who writes “An Aspergian’s Chemical Romance“; you see, he started a reblog site called “Creative Writing Reblogged” (Our True Origins), which consists exclusively of reblogged content in the spirit of sharing.

I’m totally piggybacking on his idea.  😉

That’s exactly what Laina’s Collection is for.  The spirit of sharing a variety of excellent works in one place.

Sometimes, like Devereaux does, I’ll post some of my older posts over on the new blog as well.  Oh, and I might post a few videos/lyrics to existing songs that especially resonate with my Aspergian/Autistic nature, because they’ve been therapeutic for me and I would like to share them more often with y’all.  But mostly the blog will serve as a Thank You to the community for:

  1. Writing the beautiful pieces you write, with your honesty and caring, and 
  2. For your support of this blog and the other blogs in our dynamic and brilliant community.

For our purposes, I’ll assume (sorry, there’s that word again) that the presence of a Reblog button is implied consent–but if you would rather not be reblogged, please let me know through the Contact page on this blog.  ❤

Thank You, and I hope to see everybody over there as well!


This is one of my more popular posts!


  1. I went and checked it out, it’s a neat idea! I think you read a lot more autism related stuff on the internet than I do (mainly because my current special interest is taking so much of my time and brainspace and has pushed out autism from its number one spot), so if in addition to your blog I can go to a place where Laina-approved stuff is gathered, so much the better for lazy people like me! 😄
    So yeah, I like it ❤️👍

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  2. Hi I just came across your blog and I love it! So unique! Definitely giving you a follow. I had an active blog 2 years ago and I have just posted my first post in 2 years after some difficult experiences. But I am back up and running and would love for you to take a look at my blog. I will be renaming and rebranding in the next few weeks!

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