Unusual, interesting, and positive statements my partner has made about Asperger’s / autistic people

One of the attributes that attracted me to my partner is his unusual thoughts and his atmospheric level of insight and open-mindedness.  Don’t get me wrong; he’s a science-educated guy (he’s a doctor, after all, and an INTJ with an incredible IQ), but he readily recognizes that the truth is often stranger than fiction and isn’t afraid to connect the far-out dots in an unconventional way.  Since the beginning of our friendship and relationship, he has always possessed a keen sense of hyper-awareness about the universe at large.  Being legally blind since birth, he’s had a few precious friends, no driver’s license, and plenty of time to contemplate the world.  He has always known that the universe works in mysterious ways, ways we can’t always measure, study, document, or prove.  He doesn’t get all fanatical or irrational about it; he’s actually very matter-of-fact, with his proverbial feet planted on the ground, even if his proverbial eyes are turned skyward.

When we discovered that I “had” Asperger’s, he started researching the “condition” right along with me, and he began to connect some dots of his own…

He said that he’d always known that the Universe put special people on earth who think differently, people who see the world in different ways, and can dream up gadgets and systems to propel the world forward.  These people might have otherwise been “strange”, “eccentric”, “erratic”, “loner-types”, or very meticulous about one subject or area of life or another.  Without any one of these people, the world would not be the same, and the human race would not have evolved in the same way that it did.  He mentioned Einstein, Tesla, Henry Ford, and Steve Jobs.

Having hung around friends who are intimately familiar with history (and have studied it extensively), he ascertains, like many other sources, that these people must’ve been Asperger’s/autistic.  (I know, I know–another Armchair Dx.  To the people who take issue with it: you’ll live 🙂 )

He said that we are (and/or have been, and/or have the potential to be) the gifted visionaries who move, shake, and change the world.


Another day, he mused that maybe we (Aspies) are all reincarnated Atlanteans (residents of the lost city of Atlantis).  He supported his statement by reminding me that they moved things around with their minds, used crystals as a power source, and who knows–maybe used telepathy instead of verbal speech.

At any rate, he said, they were at least very advanced, much moreso than the rest of today’s world (despite the influences of the historical figures mentioned above).


One time, he said that some of us might be reincarnated Asians from ancient times.  Having taken acupuncture courses, he wondered how the Chinese Acupuncture Meridians were discovered?  Then he drew from the Indian Vedic concept that there are different time periods (known as “yugas”); these relate to our “ages”.  The Satya Yuga (our “Golden Age”) was a time of truth and righteousness (not the kind of self-righteousness we’re bombarded with today), a time of universal connectivity and harmony, a time of positive energy, and a time of the highest spirituality, spiritual purity, or spiritual evolution.

The “yugas”, like our “ages”, decline with each passing transition; the Treta Yuga relates to our “Silver Age”, the Dwapara Yuga relates to our “Bronze Age”, and the Kali Yuga relates to our “Iron Age”.  Despite our contemporary perception regarding the Ages (specifically, that the Iron Age was somehow a long time ago and that we’ve moved through other Ages of Technology, Information, etc), we’ve kind of missed the ancient/original point of the Ages.

It is during the Kali Yuga, or Iron Age, that people become slaves to possessions, devoid of spirituality and universal humanity.  Resources become scarce, and the environment becomes polluted.  (Sound familiar?  Maybe the Vedic Indians, thousands of years ago, were on to something!)

What was the point of that “Age” explanation?  Because that was the commonly-shared foundation that, because we’d already learned about that in undergraduate university classes years ago, it served as an unspoken understanding for what he said next, when he answered his own question about the development of Chinese Meridians: maybe at one point, thousands of years ago, human beings were still advanced enough to see them, or sense their presence in some other way.

Many other advanced concepts and compact, higher-level thinking can be seen in ancient cultures, especially those of Asia, India, Mexico/Central America (Mayans), and parts of Europe (ancient Celtic, Nordic, etc tribes).  My partner surmised that maybe some of us might be reincarnated members of or remnants from those cultures, which is why we often have such a hard time communicating/expressing/thinking/identifying with–or finding solace in–this one.


About me personally, he said that maybe I was once one of those ancient scientists or philosophers, who had guardianship over the Library of Alexandria, “which is why you freaked out when the books caught on fire.”  (Referencing a dream I’d had before I turned 3, during which I woke up screaming in sheer terror that the books are burning.)


He then said, “what is sad is that the rest of the world is too stupid to listen to you and too incompetent to recognize your gifts or comprehend your way of thinking, and so they ignore you.”


His statements and ideas might be “out there” (uncomfortably so, for some), but regardless of whether or not you agree with him, wouldn’t it be nice if the rest of the world had his open and evolved mind, his acceptance and admiration of people who appear different than he is, and thought like he did?

What if Autism $peaks was erased (or at least ignored/forgotten about) and the world embraced his unconventional, supportive thoughts instead?

I’m really thankful (again) for my partner. 🙂


Please feel free to add your thoughts! I do my best to respond to each comment (even if it takes me a bit sometimes) :)

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