OK, so the month of May sort of slipped out the door underneath my nose.  Most of June did pretty much the same thing, to the point where even my partner was asking me “when was the last time you even blogged on Silent Wave?”

And I had to take a moment to check.

Oops.  ❤

So, I’ll take my current Insomniac Attack to catch up on things.

Everything happens for a reason, and all that.

So anyway, the first quarter of the degree program I mentioned in one of my more “recent” posts had indeed stolen my writing muse.  The program itself will involve a lot of writing, and I’m only just beginning, so all I can say for now is that I will do my very best not to let this blog get too dormant over the next couple of years.  (I’m still on the Asperger’s/autism spectrum, after all, and I still live life through that lens, so as I have experiences that strike me as appropriate for writing on here, I’ll certainly do that).

That first quarter has indeed come to an end, and I have a brief break until the summer quarter starts.

FunFact 1: I managed to pull, out of thin air, an A in both classes.  The exact percentages were 98.7 and 108.7 (thank you, extra credit!).

FunFact 2: School is a lot more fun when your grades read like FM radio station numbers.  For me, it’s a reason to celebrate, because it wasn’t always that way.  My younger academic years resembled a deranged yin-yang symbol, because I either expressed interest in a subject or I didn’t, and my grades/marks reflected that.  The Old Me couldn’t simply buckle down and grin-and-bear-it through a class that I didn’t give two fluorescent blue shites about; the New Me has learned my lesson(s).

OK, vivid visuals aside, moving on… 😉

Truthfully I’ve been on break for a week already, but I had to spend the first week in my own variation of Recharge Mode.  Part of that involved purely-Aspie/autistically-stereotypical activities like hyper-focusing on projects.  Projects like nagging myself to get back into the gym.  Projects such as collecting research papers on a topic for my partner, who has to write a report for a class (he’s in school, too).  In four and a half days, I ended up with 802 pages of notes and 1,650 saved papers.

Go me.  😉

And I’ve been binge-watching some cable channels while researching other topics like cable “cord-cutting” and learning new words like “ellipsis”, while racing to the remote control to mute commercials/adverts as they come on.

And I’ve been binge-reading a few books as well, usually along the lines of Douglas Coupland, Steig Larsson, Harlan Coben, and others.  The most thought-provoking book so far has been one titled “The Authenticity Hoax” by Andrew Potter (no relation to Harry 😉 ).

Oh, and I’ve been sneezing.  A lot.  A few “steamroller histamine days” (those days I start sneezing and secreting and one dose of antihistamine meds don’t cut it; multiple are required) have had me down for the count more than once.

Oh, and I went to an annual conference halfway across the country, which rocked the free world, but also during which my father fell, broke his hip, needed hip replacement surgery, and wouldn’t resuscitate afterward at first.  (He’s fine now; he was actually released from the physical rehabilitation center yesterday morning and he’s home now.)

Our kittens have now been with us for two months and two days, and they’re growing like vines, moving like spiders, and yelling like banshees (usually when we start getting the food out).  They get this streak of energy at night, just before we go to bed, during which they go absolutely wild.  Chasing each other, climbing the carpeted cat-trees like squirrels, leaping and frolicking, and then levitating literally several feet straight up in the air.

I guess they don’t call it the Bewitching Hour of Night for nothing.

I’ve been trying to stay caught up, but I fell behind in a way that I can only describe as “quicksand” the minute school began.  Suddenly my Mondays, once a bastion on extended weekend laziness, became my School Days, during which I pushed hard and laser-beam-focused my energies to beat deadlines by 72 hours or more.

I guess it’s been a busy past couple of months, come to think of it…

But I’m still here.  I’m still reading y’all’s blogs; if I haven’t in a while, you know I’m trying.  And I’ll even try and write on here every once in a while.  😉

PS: Thank y’all for sticking with me through this, and thank you to all of you who reached out to me to see how I’ve been.  Believe me, I’m thinking about every one of you, too!  Even if I hadn’t quite been able to get to WordPress for a while.  ❤




  1. I have always liked schools, be it a formal school or an informal school. I am not even a nerd, but I just like to study, having classmates and all the things. Aahhh, this post brings back so many good memories, thanks. 🙂

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  2. I did wonder if you were ok, but never like to check up on people (cos I dont like it when people do it to me when I’ve just lost track of time).

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  3. Sometimes time escapes us. I have great intentions to put aside blog reading/writing time on a regular basis – but once I let it slip, that’s it. Report writing time is particularly heinous.

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  4. The way you think and write is incredible. You make the everyday an well-whittled tale I much enjoy reading. Your mind is wonderful! Keep writing, you have excellent talent!

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  5. I call B.S. on the “pulling those two As out of thin air”!!! Bee Period Ess Period ❣❣ You are not only super smart, you’re meticulous. Those two As were highly deserved rewards for the effort you put it❣

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  6. Hi, I’m a new reader. I really relate to a couple of things that you mentioned here like beating deadlines by days and also not applying myself to things I didn’t care about – I learned that one the hard way too! Congratulations on your grades.

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  7. Hyperfocus as recharge: yes! Very ADHD, too. My Partner has been trying to coerce me into hyperfocus mode earlier than my brain wants to go as a coping mechanism for all the stress we’re under. So far, I haven’t been able to induce it under such conditions, but I wish I could. It would definitely help recharge my seemingly permanently depleted batteries.

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    1. Yes! It would totally rock to have Hyperfocus On Demand 😉😁👏🏼👏🏼. I can’t do it either; my brain is either amenable to the idea/task, or it’s not, and it operates independently of my own wishes lol 😂. Amen, too, to the depleted batteries; I wonder if there are replacements? I would camp outside stores for that! 😉💗. Good to see you, my lovely 😘😘💞💟🍀

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  8. Yay, you! I understand how writing a lot (outside of blogging) can drain our ink for blogging. I’m struggling with it as well. I discovered a fabulous trick that helps with this, but I’m not able to find the words to explain presently. I’ll think on it until I hear words that will do, and post about it. I’m so proud of you for going for it. I miss you and am so thrilled you FINALLY POSTED. 😂🤣 😘💜

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    1. Omg it’s so great to see you again, Wiser Sister! 😍😍. I can’t wait to read what you have to say on this (when you find the words, of course! Take all the time you need, girl 😁). Thank you for your encouraging words and warm fuzzy vibes! And you’re spot on about the ink drainage lol – I love how you put that! Hehe I’ve been posting a little more on my miscellaneous “other” blog, although only marginally more (do you know the one?). Btw I’m digging your other blog, too; girl you are one talented soul 😘😘😎💟☮💟🏆

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      1. BA in Business. But I think I may change it to something in Phycology. I just completed this last quarter on Intro in Phycology hardly had to study for it. Got an A (extra credit gave me a 98) hands on work with Autism and bipolar and myself having PTSD may have had something to do with it LOL

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        1. Oh wow! Nice choices 😁. I love both of those subjects and look up info on both regularly 😊. Good for you on your grade! That’s fantastic 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼😁💗🌺


  9. Oh! I’m really pleased to read this and know you are OK. You really are incredible you know. We have a new baby furry friend too after loosing our little Ted. Her name is Piper (after the actress Billy Piper aka Rose Tyler from Dr Who!) She is dainty and snuggly and lives up to her ‘pinkness’ in all areas. She is adored and it’s so wonderful watching her grow. I’m wishing you all the very best in your new life phase you are a beautiful and very clever soul. xx

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    1. Awww thank you so much for your kind and warm words, my pretty 😍. I’m so sorry to hear of your loss of Ted, yet heartwarmed to hear of your new little one Piper! I love that name, too! 😍. And you can’t go wrong with Dr Who 😁. Watching new life can be incredibly healing 💗💗. Wishing you all the very best as well! My feelings about you are totally mutual 😘😘🌺🌷💟


  10. Hey Laina! Great to hear from you. I was thinking about your trademark vibrant images just yesterday (I know you don’t make the images but they are still kind of your trademark 😉
    This gave me a laugh: “School is a lot more fun when your grades read like FM radio station numbers.” 108.7 – Radio Laina 🙂

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  11. Nice to see you! I’ve been away as well, and my blogging rate has slowed way down. Do you think there is a natural blogging curve? You start with ‘OMG, am I actually autistic, this is new and exciting’ and you bubble over with things to say, and gradually it sort of becomes the new normal – you still have things to say, but they are no longer so urgent, and you find that everyone else has already said them ten times, and the novelty wears off and the blog slows down. I think that’s what’s happening with me. I intend to keep it going but the gaps between posts are getting bigger and bigger.

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    1. Hiya! Yes, I think you’re onto something with the blogging curve thing 👏🏼 The newness and excitement definitely provide fuel, which may eventually slow down as one runs out of things to say or feel a tug back into regular life…or whatever 💕 Yep, it’s kind of a “this has been said a few times already” feeling for sure, for me 👍 I’m glad you plan to keep going! I really enjoy your blog and your thoughts; you never know what sentence or concept will spark somebody’s “me too!” sense or when it’ll do so. All of our stories are all important all the time 😍 I plan to keep going too, at least as, like you, the inspiration strikes 💪🏼😊❣️

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    1. Thank you so much! I usually gratefully and happily accept nominations yes 🙂 (Whether or not I can pull enough executive function to complete them can be another story, but that’s my issue lol). What I can say is that I will do my very best to catch up on nominations as I can grab onto the energy 🙂 Thank you again! I will definitely try ❤ ❤


  12. “Projects like nagging myself to get back into the gym.” Lol I couldn’t relate more. I had to stop going to the gym for half a month, and it was hard to get back on track. But I made it to the gym, and hopefully it’ll be one of many visits lol.

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    1. You go, girl! So proud for you 😁. It *is* hard getting back into the swing of things after even a short hiatus 💞. Getting there the first time can be the toughest part, so good on you for doing that! 👏🏼👏🏼💜

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