I supported neurodiversity before I knew it existed 

Not that I deserve anything special for it.  It just happened. ūüôā They sat across from me, in my consultation … More

‘More autistic’ after Asperger’s / autism diagnosis / discovery?

The first inkling I had that I might be Aspergian/autistic came from perusing medical journals. ¬†I browsed through their archives, … More

Stagnating, hesitating, and contemplating

I‚Äôm having a tough time getting motivated today.¬† It‚Äôs like approaching an escalator that‚Äôs moving at a palatable speed, but … More

I’m not a bad friend¬†

As you’ve already guessed, being discovered to be on the Asperger’s/autism spectrum has been a huge relief for me, in … More

Living the ‘lie’

I’ve written a lot before about acting and masking.¬† For the cheap seats, it’s a prevalent theme throughout the Asperger’s/autism … More

How discovering that I’m on the Asperger’s / autism spectrum has changed me¬†

So anyway, as y’all know, yesterday I celebrated my “Aspie birthday” (please pardon the term–that’s just what it feels like … More

Annual cycles, neurology, and reframing of life

It fascinates me how, when thinking back over a previous 12-month time span, I’ll feel “closer”, in a way, to … More

Relief and grief ~ the reality of adult Asperger’s / autism discovery

When one is diagnosed as Asperger’s/autistic (or otherwise realized to be on the spectrum) as an adult, an interesting dichotomy … More

A letter to my younger self…

(Content warning: brief, indirect mentions of suicide) There are times in which I wish I could go back and talk … More

Sharing: Letting Go Of Fitting In

Originally posted on Eclectic Autistic:
I was very honored to present¬†this essay yesterday as one of six personal accounts selected to…